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About Sun-Green USA

About Sun-Green USA

Sun-Green USA TechnicianSun-Green USA imports and distributes Soy Protein Isolate for Nantong Sun-Green Biotech Co., Ltd.

Sun-Green USA supplies various Non-GMO soy protein isolates for nutritional powders, beverages, nutritional bars, high protein nuggets, veggy burgers, cereals, baking, infant formulas, milk replacements, soups and sauces.

Our role is to provide you, the customer, with the Best Soy Protein Isolate, Best Customer Service at the Best Possible Price.

Our products are warehoused in West Sacramento, California where orders can be shipped out on 48 hours notice. We can also arrange to ship containers direct from China to your facility.

The Nantong Sun-Green Bio-Tech Co., Ltd. facility is located a couple of hours outside of Shanghai, China where they manufacture only Non-GMO soy protein isolate for various nutritional and food applications.

Our focus is on safety and consistency of quality. The Nantong Sun-Green Biotech facility has achieved the following certifications:

ISO 9001
IP and Non-GMO Supply Chain

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